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Doing business with TFC

The Texas Facilities Commission is funded by the Legislature to build, maintain, and support the building assets of the State of Texas.  TFC also manages construction projects for other state agencies as requested.  Each fiscal year TFC solicits goods and services in a wide array of categories including custodial services and supplies, to professional services for architects, engineers, general contractors, and a variety of maintenance services needed to keep state buildings open for business.  Through our competitive and open procurement process, TFC supports the growth of our Texas economy.


TFC’s procurement processes encourage competition for even the smallest of purchases.  Small businesses, including Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB), are encouraged to participate in solicitations.

Persons interested in doing business with TFC, or with the State of Texas may find the following links helpful:

  • State of Texas's Centralized Master Bidder's List (CMBL) – State bidders list used by all Texas state agencies when contacting vendors for quotes and sending out bid notices.
  • Electronic State Business Daily (ESBD) – Free public website where all State Agency solicitations with a value over $25,000 are posted. Search 'Texas Facilities Commission – 303' from the agency drop down and 'Posted' status to see current procurement opportunities.
  • Bonfire Portal – Online eProcurement Portal used by Texas Facilities Commission to receive and evaluate bids and proposals. Registration is required. There is no fee to register as a vendor.
  • Job Order Contracting


Rico Gamino, CTCD, CTCM,  Procurement Director

James Gonzalez, CTCD, CTCM, Purchaser - Major Construction,

Rachel Barker, CTCD, Purchaser – General

Charlie Fountain, CTCD, Purchaser – General

Monica Presson, CTCD, CTCM, Purchaser - Facilities Maintenance and Operations

Fax 512-236-6164

TFC Major Solicitation Forecast

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State Comptroller Procurement Resources

Texas State Purchasing – Comptroller page providing information on Procurement in Texas Government

NIGP Commodity Book – Link to information on how to find applicable National Institute of Government Purchasing (NIGP) commodity codes. Used for classifying purchases and finding vendors.

State Vendor Performance Tracking – Link to the Vendor Performance Tracking System hosted by the Comptroller of Public Accounts. This is the reporting system used by State Agencies to document past performance by vendors.

TFC Procurement Resources

TFC Construction Contract Forms

TFC Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Program

Writing Winning Proposals

Our Mission

The primary functions and responsibilities of The Texas Facilities Procurement Program are:

  • to procure goods and services for the daily business needs of the agency
  • to procure architectural, engineering, and construction services in support of multiple state agencies.
  • to procure goods and services to support building infrastructure such as custodial, security, HVAC, mechanical, and electrical services,
  • to procure goods and services in support of Statewide leasing requirements
  • to procure goods and services in support of Statewide Surplus Property
  • support the agency HUB requirements and goals
  • to make sure procurements are statutorily compliant, appropriately competitive, and provide the best value for the goals of the agency.