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Information Technology

The Information Technology (IT) provides technical services to TFC in networking, desktop/server support, Applications Development, policy and procedures, and project management. Included in the IT responsibilities are Strategic Planning, Data Security, and Biennial Operation Planning for Information Technology.

it Information Resource Management

The Director of Information Technology serves as the Information Resource Manager (IRM) and is responsible for providing the leadership in technical support to TFC in various hardware and software applications and ensuring the agency is effectively managing its information technology resources including strategic planning and management. In addition, the IRM is responsible for IT related contract management and acquisition. The IRM directs daily operations of Texas Data Center Services, TFC’s IT network, Building Controls Network (BCN), system administration and application support.

IT is logically divided into three sections; each led by an area manager. The following is a brief description of each area:


control room IT Network Operations/Help Desk

IT Operations supports the TFC production computer environment that includes; network infrastructure for 19 buildings in 4 cities, file/print services, database servers and workstations for over 275 staff averaging about 450 resolved helpdesk work orders per month. Operations also manage agency telecommunications, electronic fax services and routed data. Operations services are as follows;

Tier One Support

Telecommunications management and software compliance and inventory tracking

Tier Two Support

Primary support for the help desk, mobile computing, smart phones/wireless broadband, and handles seat management

Tier Three Support

Responsible for account management, e-mail support, hardware and software configuration and basic server support.

Texas Data Center Services Center

Provides advanced server support and system administration, network design and planning of agency retained DCS functions.


Application Support

Application Support provides development and support for 39 applications statewide and internal to the Commission. Application Support also provides IT support for the implementation of new systems, through project management, system analysis, design and programming. The Electronic and Information Resources (EIR) Accessibility Coordinator is assigned to the Support group to oversee compliance with the accessibility rules assigned by the State of Texas in accordance with the Texas Administrative Code, Title 1, Chapters 206 and 213. Support is organized as follows:

Programming and Development

Provides primary support in creating and maintaining public domain and commercial software applications for TFC Administration, Procurement, Construction and Maintenance divisions.

Database Administration

Responsible for developing and maintaining the Commission’s data dictionaries, designing and monitoring the performance of databases and applications, and enforcing standards for database use and security.

Project Management

Analysis and Design

Provides planning and co-ordination of IT projects and resources. Manages the process of analysis and review of business requirements, modeling for application design, development of software specifications, software design standards and heuristics, software testing and debugging, and the development of an implementation plan for the automated system.

Texas Data Center Services Center

A Customer Service Representative with the primary responsibility to interface with DIR and the vendor for delivery of DCS services.


it Building Controls Network Operations
The BCN operations manages and maintains all HVAC, Energy, Security and Fire related activities for the TFC network infrastructure of approximately 150 buildings in 4 cities.  The BCN provides the network architecture or backbone connectivity for all network transmissions and communications from the NOCs and remote sites to ensure 24x7x365 real-time monitoring by TFC.


Network Design, Architecture & Growth / Expansion

Network management, prototyping, software compliance, traffic and bandwidth analysis, software compatibility and inventory tracking / recapitulation

Configuration, Installation and Ongoing Support

Primary support for the BCN, systems configuration, systems installation, wireless broadband, and handles seat management for metered products

Network Configuration, Troubleshooting & Administration

Responsible for account management, e-mail support, hardware and software configuration and server support.  Also, responsible for all BCN wiring topology, reliability and fiber connectivity between all buildings and locations.

Data analysis, Network Modeling & Simulation

Provides advanced network and server support, system administration, network design and capacity planning of agency equipment.  Test and ensures compatibility of new equipment and devices to the existing network.