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Secure Bicycle Parking for State Employees

Secure Bicycle Parking at Garage Q

Texas Facilities Commission provides state employees who are bicycle riders a more secure alternative to bicycle racks to store bicycles and bike-related gear. The secure bicycle parking area is located in Garage Q, on the lower level (south side), at 17th Street and San Jacinto in the Capitol Complex. State employees wishing to utilize a space within the secure bicycle parking area, may complete the TFC's Secure Bicycle Parking Application and Agreement form; and submit it to TFC Security and Safety Program via e-mail: At this time, TFC requires no fees for the use of the secure parking area. The State of Texas and the Texas Facilities Commission are not responsible for any loss or damage associated with the use of the secure parking area, at anytime.

Employees completing the application and agreement form shall agree to the following:

  • Enclosure area is intended to be utilized for routine/temporary use, for bicycles and/or bike-related gear.
  • The bike cage area is not to be utilized for long term storage, so please refrain from leaving your bike or bike-related gear in the cage area for any longer than 2 weeks at a time. If the bike(s) are left beyond this point, the bike may be removed and you shall receive a notice to claim or the bike shall be turned over to State Surplus Property to sell, if not claimed within 2 weeks of notification.
  • Submit one application for each bike, if registering more than one bike.
  • Users are required to secure their bicycle with a lock - provided by the user.
  • All bicycle spaces in the secure area are first come, first served.
  • One key to the secure bike parking area will be issued to each applicant. If the key is lost, it is to be reported to TFC Security and Safety Program immediately.
  • Keys are non-transferable. The key must be returned to TFC Security and Safety Program if the applicant transfers to another state agency or terminates employment with the State of Texas.

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Bike Parking Brochure

 For additional information on the secure bicycle parking or submit suggestions, contact:
TFC Security and Safety Program
1711 San Jacinto
Suite 100
Austin, Texas 78701
Phone: 512-987-2868  
   Security and Safety Program is responsible for:
  • Distributing secure bicycle parking literature and applications.
  • Receiving completed Bicycle Parking Applications and Agreement forms
  • Issuing (1) each key to applicants.