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Project Analysis

Project Analysis: Per statute 2166 Subchapter D, the program undertakes analysis of potential projects on behalf of using agencies. This work may be performed by TFC staff or by private design professionals as may be appropriate to the situation.

A project analysis will consist of the following:
   1. A complete description of the project and justification based on the using agency's request.
   2. A space analysis based on the using agency's current and future needs.
   3. A detailed estimate of probable capital cost, schematic plans and outline specifications which indicate type of construction and materials to be used.
   4. Information prepared under Section 2166.451 about historical structures considered as alternatives to new construction.
   5. An evaluation of energy alternatives.

      If a proposed project involves the construction or rehabilitation of a building to be used primarily as a parking garage, the analysis must address the use of some space for private tenants under Subchapter E of Chapter 2165. If leased space to private tenants is not feasible, the project analysis must so state.

      All estimates which are included in a project analysis will be the basis of request(s) by the using agency for funding by the state's budget offices.