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Capitol Complex Tenant Guide

Welcome to the Capitol Complex!
This webpage is for State Employees and Agencies located in the Capitol Complex. Please bookmark this page and check it weekly for updates and news.

- Public Parking for Visitors (pdf)
- Capitol Complex Area Food Favorites (pdf)
- Garage R ADA Parking Map (pdf)
- Garage Q ADA Parking Map (pdf)
- Capitol Complex Amenities Map (pdf)
- Walking Guide to Bush Building (video) s

Phase II Construction Cameras 24-7

Follow the construction of the Capitol Complex Phase II on our project website.

Jordan Building

State Asset Management - Disposing of Furniture and Supplies (State Surplus)

Records Management | Retention Schedule | Record Management Training

State Surplus Property Program

State Surplus Form

Quick Reference - Property Disposal Guide for State Agencies

What we do . . .
State Surplus will assist State Agencies with the disposal process of State Assets to ensure your agency is in compliance with Texas Government Code Chapter 2175.

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