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TFC HUB Program Goals and Objectives

Pursuant to Government Code, §2161.003, TFC has adopted the comptroller's Statewide HUB Program rules related to administering Government Code, Chapter 2161, Subchapters B and C.

TFC HUB Goals are:

  Heavy Construction


  Building Construction


  Special Trade Construction


  Professional Services


  Other Services


  Commodity Purchasing



The primary objectives of TFC HUB Program are to:

  • Increase the amount of goods and services acquired by TFC from businesses owned and controlled by HUB firms.
  • Educate vendors on "how to" do business with TFC.
  • Encourage participation of qualified HUB designated vendors by directing them to TFC department stakeholders and prime vendors that can benefit from their product or service.
  • Sponsor and attend seminars and conduct training workshops that assist HUB vendors to become an active participant in state contracting opportunities.