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TFC administers the state and federal surplus property programs. The State Surplus program has property available for sale to the general public, including surplus vehicles, furniture, and equipment.

This program assists state agencies with the disposal of surplus and salvage state property in a way that maximizes revenue to the State. The facility is located in Austin, Tx and also sells items abandoned or lost at state airports. The Federal Surplus program involves managing the disposition of surplus and salvage property donated to the State by federal programs. Organizations certified as eligible under federal agency regulations can receive and use federally donated property, but the general public may not participate in this program. Examples of eligible organizations include political subdivisions, volunteer fire departments, educational or public health institutions, and some nonprofit assistance organizations.

The mission of the HUB program is to provide guidance and assistance to historically underutilized businesses (HUBs) and Small Contractors to afford these businesses a fair opportunity to participate in the competitive procurement process.
The TFC fulfills our mission through outreach efforts, such as education and training in doing business with the State of Texas and especially the Texas Facilities Commission (TFC). Our TFC HUB program is dedicated to promoting opportunities for Small Contractors and historically disadvantaged businesses, so they can compete for the agency's purchases and contracts. TFC's policy is to foster an environment that will advance and enhance participation from HUB vendors and Small Contractor across all areas of the agency.

TFC's portfolio of leased and owned facilities encompasses more than 28 million square feet of office, warehouse and parking facilities, supporting the needs of over 100 state agencies and housing over 62,000 state employees in 283 cities throughout Texas.

Facilities Management & Operations is responsible for the planning and management of these state-owned and leased facilities with the principal services and functions being:
Property Management Services
State Leasing Services
Public Private Partnership (P3) Program


For the facilities managed by TFC, FDC is responsible for project management oversight, minor construction, building infrastructure maintenance and repairs, and energy management.

  • Project Management performs management of new construction and major renovations of state facilities throughout the life of the project, including the planning, design, procurement, and construction phases
  • Minor Construction provides construction services to state agencies for small projects.
  • Small Contractor Participation Assistance provides opportunities for small contractors to participate in large public works projects.
  • Office of Energy Management is dedicated to the energy management of buildings, parking garages, and ancillary facilities managed by TFC. Potential energy and utility savings initiatives are evaluated as part of all projects and ongoing operation.
Space Allocation and Management
Long-Range and Strategic Analyses and Planning


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* BUILDING ACCESS *  The Central Service Building (CSB) is open for business from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Access to the building is limited to those with an Access Badge and visitors conducting essential business. All visitors must call in advance for an appointment and arrange access through the building. Upon arrival, visitors must sign in at the kiosk in the front lobby.

For other business matters, please seek assistance on the Texas Facilities Commission webpage or call our Badging office at 512-463-6156 or Main Line at 512-463-3446.