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Commercial Parking and Special Events


Commercial Parking and Special Events is responsible for managing day-time and after-hours use of state parking and office facilities. These uses include parking, movie productions, special events, and tailgating. TFC's commercial parking and events inventory totals 15,187 parking spaces in 17 State garages and 23 surface parking lots. These spaces are located in the Capitol Complex, William P. Hobby Building and State Parking Garage N in downtown Austin, and the North Austin Complex.

State employees can obtain Capitol Complex parking permits from the Department of Public Safety. An Open parking permit allows a vehicle to park in any Open parking facility, while a building specific parking permit provides parking in a designated Closed parking facility. Please note that agency issued or location specific parking permits from outside the Capitol Complex are not valid for parking within the Capitol Complex. Additional information is provided via the Capitol Complex Open Parking Map, TXDPS Parking Rules, and the TFC Tenant Manual.

The William P. Hobby Building and Garage N. provide day-time parking only to State employees that work in the Hobby Building. Visitor and public parking are not available during business hours.

State employees are permitted one FREE parking space on a first come, first serve basis for after-hours event parking. State employees are required to stop and show the parking attendant a State of Texas employee ID for a FREE parking permit in State Garages/Lots. State issued parking stickers on vehicles are not sufficient for free entry.


Daytime Parking Program (Beginning January 4, 2021)
TXDPS Parking Rules
• Football Tailgating on State Property:
Request for Use for a Fee, Free or Reduced Parking Rate form (NOT INTENDED FOR TAILGATE RESERVATION SPACE REQUESTS)
Maps of State-owned parking lots and garages in the Austin Area
Capitol Complex Drone Policy lbj parking lot
• Mystery Parker Program:
Film and Photography Policy
Affordable Parking Program

Contact Info: Manager, Commercial Parking & Special Events,
Texas Facilities Commission,
(512) 463-8848 office,
(512) 563-9273 cell,
(512) 236-6179 fax,