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Plant Operations

chiller The mission and objectives of the Plant Operations team is to ensure the tenants that occupy TFC properties enjoy a comfortable, safe and healthy environment. This is accomplished by employing a unique plant operation staff that offers an array of services and responses twenty-four hours a day 365 days a year. Operations respond to all after hour emergencies and calls. The Plant Operations team is also responsible for monitoring fire alarms, building security, specialized equipment, and after hour emergencies. This program also operates 21 stand alone systems in buildings that do not receive chilled water or steam from the central power plants.
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The operations team has a common skill set that all operators encompass such as; operating gas fire boilers (steam & water), monitoring of equipment from the SHB control room, responding to fire alarms and testing fire alarms in the TFC buildings, adjust temperature settings, starting and stopping and sequencing of plant equipment. Certain operators specialize in reverse osmosis systems and acid waste neutralization systems at the Texas Department of Health.