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Custodial Services

south entrance to sam houston building Custodial Services provides detailed cleaning services for state-owned and managed facilities within the Commission's inventory. The program completes a majority of these services through private, third-party contracts. Outsourced custodial services are provided in 5.6 million square feet and in-house staff provides custodial services to approximately 225,000 square feet of specialized laboratory space and several small, geographically diverse properties. Specific cleaning tasks include: (i) daily maintenance of restrooms and public areas; (ii) daily trash and recycling service from central collection points; (iii) vacuuming of carpet areas as scheduled; (iv) spot cleaning of carpet areas as needed; (v) stripping, waxing, sealing and buffing hard surface floors as scheduled; (vi) twice weekly sweeping and mopping of hard surface floor areas; and (vii) weekly dusting of public areas. Special requests and additional cleaning services are provided at a cost to the requesting agency. Inspections are performed randomly on all phases of custodial services to ensure that quality service is provided.

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