Panoramic view from garage B

Facilities Management and Operations

Space Management - travis building Facilities Management and Operations is responsible for the management of state-owned facilities in the Commission's inventory. The division's portfolio of owned facilities totals over 28 million square feet, supporting the needs of over 100 state agencies housing 62,600 employees throughout 283 Texas cities and towns. Major activities include: 1) administering the Public Private Partnership Program; 2) lease procurement and contract management services; 3) property management, custodial services, pest control and grounds maintenance for state-owned facilities; 4) recycling and waste management services; and 5) commercial parking and events management.

The principal services and functions of the Division:
Public Private Partnership (P3) Program

State Leasing Services

Property Management Services

- Property Management
- Property Services
- Custodial Services
- Building Maintenance
- Recycling, MiniMAX, and Waste Management
- Grounds Maintenance
- Commercial Parking and Special Events
- Pest Control Services

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Public-Private Partnership Guidelines
State Leasing Services Regions and Lease Officer Contact Information
State of Texas Leasing Opportunities (ESBD)
State Leasing Rules
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Tenant Manual
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