Panoramic view from garage B

After-Hours/Emergency Maintenance Line - (512) 463-3600

Property Management

Travis Deer, Program Manager
Property Management & Tenant Services
Cell: 512-987-2240
Central Services Annex (CSX)
Central Services Building (CSB)
John H. Reagan Building (JHR)
Lorenzo de Zavala Archives & Library (ARC)
Lyndon B. Johnson Building (LBJ)
Parking Garage A (PKA)
Parking Garage B (PKB)
Parking Garage F (PKF)
Parking Garage G (PKG)
Parking Garage P (PKP)
Parking Garage Q (PKQ)
Parking Garage C (PKC)
Parking Garage E (PKE)
Parking Garage R (PKR)
Parking Lot 22 (PK22)
Robert E. Johnson Building (REJ)
Sam Houston Building (SHB)
Stephen F. Austin Building (SFA)
UT Child Development Center (CCF)
William B. Travis Building (WBT)

Kendra Edwards 
Cell: (512) 569-9445
Barbara Jordan Building (BJB) - Summer 2022
EO Thompson Building (THO)
Insurance Annex Building (INX)
Insurance Building (INS)
James Earl Rudder Building (JER)
Parking Lot 15 (PK15)
Parking Lot 25 (PK25)
Parking Lot 27 (PK27)
Parking Garage K (PKK)
Parking Garage N (PKN)
Parking Garage L (PKL)
Promontory Point (PROM)
Thomas Jefferson Rusk Building (TJR)
Warehouse at Bolm Road (WHB)
William P. Hobby Building (WPH)

John Hernandez
Cell: (737) 218-9233
George H.W. Bush Building (GHWB) - Summer 2022
Parking Garage J (PKJ)
Parking Garage M (PKM)
Price Daniel, Sr. Building (PDB) 
Supreme Court Building (SCB)
Tom C. Clark Building (TCC)
William P. Clements Building (WPC)

Lisa Birchfield
Cell: (512) 563-9346
Credit Union Building (CUB)
Insurance Warehouse (INW)
Park 35 Bldg A (P35A)
Park 35 Bldg B (P35B)
Park 35 Bldg C (P35C)
Park 35 Bldg D (P35D)
Park 35 Bldg E (P35E)

Carl Altman-Kaough
Office: (512) 438-4657

Cell: (512) 563-9253
Dr. Bob Glaze Lab  (DBGL)
DSHS New Power Plant (DHNP)
DSHS A600 Lab (A600)
John H. Winters Building (JHW)
North Austin Complex (NACA)
Parking Garage S (PKS)
State Records Center (SRC)

Matt Lyke
Cell: (512) 569-2726
Brown-Heatly Building (BHB)
Dr. Robert Bernstein Building (RBB)
DSHS Annex (DHX)
DSHS F Building (DHF)
DSHS H Building (DHH)
DSHS K Building (DHK)
HHSC Headquarters Building (DHB)
DSHS Old Plant (DHOP)
DSHS Records Building (DHR)
DSHS Service Building (DHSB)
DSHS Tower (DHT)
Disaster Recovery Operations Center (DROC)
Human Services Warehouse (HSW)
North Lamar Blvd Building (NLBB)
Parking Garage H (PKH)
Robert D. Moreton Building (RDM)
Wheless Lane Laboratory (WLL)


Texas Schools  
Nick Sultemeier
Texas School for the Blind & Visual Impaired (TSBVI)   
Cell: (512) 587-2462                                     
Nick Sultemeier
Texas School for the Deaf (TSD)
Cell: (512) 587-2462


Out of Austin Buildings
Al Marquez
Office: (512) 239-5004
Cell: (512) 884-3464

Waco Building, Jose Gutierrez
(254) 752-7916

El Paso Building, Yuriko Garcia
(915) 726-2296

Elias Ramirez Building, Melissa Longoria 
(713) 928-8044                                          

Fort Worth Building,Jerry Haynes
(817) 535-4465