Panoramic view from garage B

Mystery Parker Program

parking lot at lbj building

The Texas Facilities Commission's Mystery Parker Program is looking for individuals that park at any of the state-owned Garages or Lots located downtown Austin and the Capitol Complex.

The Mystery Parker Program allows the Texas Facilities Commission to review our parking contractor service levels from our customers' perspective. The information gathered through a Mystery Parker helps us evaluate customer service, and employee integrity.

As a Mystery Parker, we ask that you evaluate and comment on the parking services by completing a brief questionnaire

parking lot

There is no payment or reimbursement paid to the Mystery Parker. However, the information you provide will help us make improvements to our program.

To participate in the Texas Facilities Commission Mystery Parker Program follow the steps listed below:

1. Download the Mystery Parker Questionnaire. (Word Format)

2. Complete the Questionnaire Form and save document.

3. Submit the Questionnaire Form to the Texas Facilities Commission via E-mail to or fax the form to 512-236-6179.


We appreciate your assistance.