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Project Design Management

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Project Design Management: Following approval of a project by the legislature, the Project Management Program (PM) initiates management of the design process according to Chapter 2166.156, and Subchapter E of Chapter 2166 of the Texas Government Code. This involves the commissioning of design professionals to undertake the work.

The selection of private design professionals is accomplished in accordance with rules which are formulated to assure selection of competent and qualified professionals for each project.

Selection of design professionals includes involvement of the using agencies. Compensation for design professionals is established by the PM program in compliance with legislated guidelines and recommendations of the Texas Society of Architects and the Texas Society of Professional Engineers.

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Throughout the design process the design professionals will take direction from a project manager appointed by PM from among its staff or from a qualified private professional firm to which this role may be delegated. The project manager will conduct periodic reviews of all documents during preparation, and must approve all documents before submission to the using agency for its review and approval.

The goals of this process are to produce contract documents which accurately reflect the requirements of the established program and good design practice, and to enable construction within budget and completion according to schedule.

Making use of the contract documents, PM, following procurement rules set forth by the Commission, will take bids and recommend to the Commission award of construction contract(s). Following certification of funds by the Comptroller of Public Accounts, the Commission may then award contract(s).