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State Agencies, Political Subdivisions and Non-Profits

State Agency Policies & Procedures
Intro to Surplus Property for State Agencies
TFC - SPA Disposal Method Guide for State Agencies 
SPA Process User's Guide 
Surplus Disposal Flow Chart 
Quick Reference - Property Disposal Guide for State Agencies 
State Agency Property Manager List (point of contact at your agency for SPA & property disposal questions) 

State Agency Forms

Auction Request Form

Bill of Lading Form

City of Austin Bill of Lading Form

Certificate of Acquisition Form (for transfers from state agencies to political subdivisions & approved assistance organizations during the 10-day advertisement period.  Form is NOT valid for transfers from state universities)

Donation of Data Processing Equipment to School or Assistance Organization (after the 10-day advertisement period per TGC 2175.905)

Summary of Local Sale Form

State Agency Services
Services We Offer to State Agencies

  • Assistance with the disposal process to ensure your agency is in compliance with Texas Government Code Chapter 2175.
  • State employees can obtain property for official use with the approval of their agency property manager. Talk to a State Surplus Store employee for more details.
  • State agencies can schedule a delivery to the State Surplus Store by emailing a Bill of Lading to Property pickups are offered in certain situations in the Austin area to agencies that do not have the resources required to transport property.
  • Auction services for property located outside of the Austin area. To create an account for your agency to begin conducting auctions, please contact


Transfers of Property to State Agencies, Political Subdivisions and Assistance Organizations

Eligible entities such as other Texas state agencies, political subdivisions, and approved non-profit assistance organizations may contact the agency offering the property to arrange a transfer at a price approved by TFC. All proceeds will be paid directly to the owning agency. 

Property Available for Transfer to State Agencies, Political Subdivisions & Approved Assistance Organizations


Special Note Regarding Data Processing Equipment (Computers)
TFC may accept surplus computer peripherals including monitors, keyboard, and mice.  However, TFC cannot accept surplus data processing equipment, including CPUs, laptops and servers. Pursuant to Texas Government Code § 2175.905, if disposal of a state agency’s surplus or salvage data processing equipment is not made under Section 2175.184 (direct transfer during the SPA advertisement period), then the state agency shall transfer the equipment to one of the following:

  • a school district or open-enrollment charter school in this state;
  • an assistance organization specified by the school district; or
  • the Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s Computer Recovery Program. This program, managed by TDCJ’s Texas Correctional Industries division, allows state agencies to send surplus or salvage data processing equipment to TDCJ to be refurbished or recycled. The TDCJ Computer Recovery Program is still fully operational and accepting all data processing equipment at the Wynne Unit in Hunstville. The Daniel Computer Receovery Program was closed in 2020. Please see TDCJ’s website for the necessary forms and instructions for submitting property to the Computer Recovery Program.


Please note that per Texas Government Code § 2175, data processing equipment is NOT exempt from the requirement to advertise it as surplus before proceeding with disposal through TDCJ.  All state agency surplus property, unless specifically exempted by law, MUST be advertised for direct transfer before that item may be submitted to TFC or TDCJ for final disposal.


Transfer of DPS Equipment to County or Municipal Law Enforcement Agency

Chapter 2175.308 of the Texas Government Code allows for transfers of surplus Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) vehicles and equipment to certain eligible municipal and county law enforcement agencies (LEA).  To be eligible, the LEA must be located in an economically disadvantaged area* of the state, and must provide sufficient information for TFC to determine that the state's efforts to secure this state's international border and combat transnational crime will sufficiently benefit from the transfer.  A law enforcement agency that receives surplus property under this program may not sell the property before the second anniversary of the date the property is received. 

To apply, please download and complete an LEA Application for DPS Equipment.  Completed applications should be emailed to or faxed to 512-236-6173.


*NOTE: "Economically disadvantaged area" is defined as a county that meets at least two of the three following criteria: (1) below average per capita taxable property value; (2) below average per capita income; and (3) above average unemployment, in comparison to other counties in the State. A current list of counties that meet the criteria to be considered economically disadvantaged for this program’s purposes, can be found here. A municipality is considered economically disadvantaged if the majority of the municipality is located in an economically disadvantaged county. If a municipality is located in a county that TFC has determined is not economically disadvantaged per the criteria above, then, using a supplemental form, a municipality may request an exception that includes sufficient data for TFC to confirm that it meets at least two of the three criteria for economically disadvantaged when compared to state averages.

Assistance Organization Eligibility
Chapter 2175.001 of the Texas Government Code identifies the types of assistance organizations that are eligible to participate in the Surplus Property Program. Assistance organizations interested in obtaining surplus property are required to apply for program eligibility with TFC. If TFC approves your application, you will be eligible to receive property from all state agencies. For questions regarding eligibility or the application process, please contact us at

Please complete the Application for Assistance Organizations form and submit it, along with the requested documentation by mail to Texas Facilities Commission, State Surplus Property Program, Attn: Assistance Organizations, P.O. Box 13047, Austin, Texas 78711-3047.

Application for Assistance Organizations  

NOTE: Application is for organizations interested in transfers from state agencies during the 10-day advertisement period. Form is NOT valid for transfers from state universities.