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Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Program

The mission of the HUB program is to provide guidance and assistance to historically underutilized businesses (HUBs) and Small Contractors to afford these businesses a fair opportunity to participate in the competitive procurement process. The TFC fulfills our mission through outreach efforts, such as education and training in doing business with the State of Texas and especially the Texas Facilities Commission (TFC). Our TFC HUB program is dedicated to promoting opportunities for Small Contractors and historically disadvantaged businesses, so they can compete for the agency's purchases and contracts. TFC's policy is to foster an environment that will advance and enhance participation from HUB vendors and Small Contractor across all areas of the agency.


hub training Vendors who are interested in HUB certification can get detailed information at Statewide HUB Program. This link will provide detailed information on certification qualifications and benefits of the HUB Program. If you have any questions on HUB Certification, please contact the Statewide HUB Program or call 888-863-5881.

Application for HUB certification should be submitted to the Comptroller of Public Accounts' Statewide HUB Program.

TFC does not manage the HUB certification process.

HUB certification is not required to do business with TFC; however, all HUB eligible businesses are highly encouraged to apply for certification.

Important Links
HUB Directory (Centralized Master Bidders List)
TAC/TX Govt Code
Mentor Protégé Program
STATE & TFC HUB Expenditures Reports


Current Procurement Opportunities across the State - Electronic State Business Daily (ESBD)
(Tip to Users: To find procurement opportunities with the Texas Facilities Commission, select 'Texas Facilities Commission' under the 'Agency Name' drop down menu box, and select "Posted" under the Status section to see the most current postings.)

Subcontractor Bid Opportunities - To find subcontractor opportunities on TFC projects, visit the CMR Pre-Bid Calendar link below. Prime Contractors post subcontractor bidding opportunities here.

Calendar of CMR Bid Opportunities - Awarded Construction Manager at Risk (CMR) GMP Package Pre-Bids


1. Create Account or Login
2. Instructions
Instructions for B2G (HUB Compliance Reporting System)
Instructions for HSP ( Required form for all contracts over $100K)
PAR Designee Form (Progressive Assessment Report -Designee Form / B2G reporting System)


Yolanda Strey, CTCM, CTPM - HUB Director

Shonte Gordon, CTCM, CTPM - HUB Coordinator

David Delgado, CTCM - HUB Specialist

Javid C. Presson, HUB Coordinator

HUB Fax 512-236-6164

STEPS TO DO BUSINESS WITH TFC (HUB, Smaller Contractors, and all other vendors)

To ensure you are ready to do business with the Texas Facilities Commission (TFC) please complete the following form and make an appointment with our HUB program staff.

STEP 1) Complete the online TFC Intake Form (Click here)
(For Construction Vendors Only- - please make sure the following items #17, #18 and #19 in the Intake Form are complete before you schedule an appointment with TFC HUB Program. These are required items in order to do business with TFC.)

STEP 2) Complete a Meeting/Assistance Request to set-up a meeting with TFC HUB Program. (Click here.)

** TIPS on doing business with TFC **